For over fifteen years, Reaper has been writing and performing thrash / death metal. In August 2011 Reaper started Hellcast, introducing his witty personality and knowledge of metal to the podcast landscape. Featuring indepth conversations with iconic musicians from Dismember, Whiplash, Master, Repulsion, Autopsy, Toxic Holocaust and Midnight. Hellcast bacame a unique platform with a knack for old school and underground metal.

As a musician Reaper is the frontman of Crucified Mortals, a death/thrash metal band. Formed in 2001, the band has released numerous split EPs alongside three albums; Converted By Decapitation, Crucified Mortals and the latest Psalms Of The Dead Choir. Maintaining vocals and songwriter for the band, Reaper has juggled instruments performing guitar, bass or both on records.

In the past Reaper was a longstanding member of Nunslaughter. During his time with the band he had written, produced and performed numerous songs to the band's extensive discography. Performing mostly as bassist, Reaper accompanied the band on several tours across the world, including Japan, Scandinavia, Colombia and Canada.

A jack of all trades, Reaper has produced numerous music videos, DVD releases and promotional videos. In early 2017 he launched the YouTube channel Heavy Metal Relics which he co-hosts and produces. His love for recording can be heard from the numerous records he has Engineered or Mastered by such bands as Exhumed, Witch Cross, Deceased, Midnight, Nekrofilth and more.

Hellcast is sponsored by Hell's Headbangers Records. Continuing the labels objective to support all things metal. Hellcast posts new episodes bi-weekly.
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