How To Become 1 of The Greatest Metal Bands of All Time [Podcast] - Episode #92

How To Become 1 of The Greatest Metal Bands of All Time [Podcast] - Episode #92 How To Become 1 of The Greatest Metal Bands of All Time [Podcast] - Episode #92 Reviewed by Reaper on September 10, 2018 Rating: 5


  1. Is there a band out there active TODAY you feel can leave behind a legacy like their predecessors?

  2. I think some of the new bands follow the same musical or sound line as our favorite "oldschool" bands in order to get the attention of the listeners and have a recognition within the industry, of course, this is not everything, lately I have seen that in the "metal scene" everything is about how you look and more beautiful faces than a good musical product. (Maybe you have to adapt to the times, where the pretty face matters more than what you do).

    You also have to take into account that a band can be very good and different but it does not have enough economic support or the right contacts in the metal industry. So the band will still have a low profile (unless it is their vision of success or recognition).

    Probably pessimistic in this part of my comment but I think that there will be few new bands that mark a generation, the other bands may be good but not so much as to mark an era.

  3. About bands that already have a great career, but still not recognized, because I think it's the kind of music they play, for example Cannibal Corpse, not all endure 1 hour of pure brutality compared to ACDC or Iron Maiden ( lol nothing to see the genre) but everyone knows, including people who are not within the metal scene, and know and support them because their music is more "easy to digest" in addition to these bands have passed from generation to generation returning as a "legacy".

  4. i've always said about cannibal corpse or even slayer, that i don't considder them truly mainstream. yes, they have a large fanbase, but there's still that cult following, the people who've been listening for 30 years. then you have the hot topic kids who think cannibal is the next big thing and will be into them for 6 months.


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