Formats Fatal To The Fan as Children Of The Rave [Podcast] - Episode #91

Formats Fatal To The Fan as Children Of The Rave [Podcast] - Episode #91 Formats Fatal To The Fan as Children Of The Rave [Podcast] - Episode #91 Reviewed by Reaper on August 06, 2018 Rating: 5


  1. I'd say I like cds and digital. I listen to goggle play at work and cds at home.

    1. Never used Google play myself. So many resources out there digitally I wonder if I can name 5 of them haha.

  2. Cassettes hands down. They're collectible, they're usually cheap, and a lot of really, really good underground black metal uses this medium to great effect. Vinyl is a close second due to the fact they're also collectable, and I actually love handling an LP as you take it out of the mylar and then out of the sleeve and onto the turntable. CD's are good for convenience and for in the car. Personally I don't like digital formats, I'd rather have something to show for my money and to add to the collection.

    The closest thing I have is a youtube playlist with a few hundred songs I put on when friends and/or I are having a couple beers. Sometimes it's nice to go from Rainbow to GBK to Omen to Mystifier.

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